The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies


I just got the Follies Newsletter and I was reminded of  this photo I took of the theater a couple of years ago. I always enjoy visiting the Plaza Theater which is the home of the Fabulous Follies. The theater is cozy and filled with references to the celebrities of the past.The theater is just stuffed with Palm Springs History and when you are there you can easily visualize the Palm Springs of the 1930’s and 40’s. A little more of their history is here.

The show itself is, in a word, fabulous. They will be unveiling their 22nd season this Fall and I am annually astonished by the sophistication and polish presented by cast, crew and creative team of the Follies. The other thing that makes me look forward to seeing them is that everyone in the organization is at once immensely professional and fun.

Photographing in the theater can be challenging as the brightness range can be very great. The stage is another matter as the lighting is everything a photographer could want with all the firepower of the sun controlled by the lighting engineer.

This particular image was a combination of several images to accommodate the brightness range. It was the solution I used at the time and I am happy with it. However, as I often do, I look back and think of alternative solutions to the problem. I hope to try some of these new ideas this year. (No, I won’t spoil it by telling you my ideas. You’ll just have to be patient.)



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